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What We Do?

Mediated Foreclosure Solutions is a company designed exclusively to address the current conditions in the legal foreclosure arena in Florida. Our goal is to provide the litigants with a qualified mediator who is well aware of the programs and dynamics connected with alternative solutions within the foreclosure lawsuit.

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What Are Mediated Foreclosures?

Mediated Foreclosures: When a foreclosure lawsuit is filed, as of July 1, 2010, in Broward County, FL, every suit filed against a homestead property must attend a mediation prior to a final hearing. The advantage to the borrower of attending a mediation is that they have the opportunity to explore home retention solutions (loan modifications) or exit strategies to avoid the stigma of a judgment of foreclosure.

The advantage for the lender is that either a more cost effective method of possession is achieved or the lender retains a performing asset if the loan is modified.

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